Residential Electricians Otago NZ

As leading residential electricians in Central Otago & The Southern Lakes, we provide a full range of services. This includes:

  • Expert advice on everything electrical as well as how to save energy
  • Electrical installation of wiring, data cabling, appliances, lighting, and more
  • Electrical maintenance services to keep electrical appliances wiring and fittings in your home in good working order.
  • Electrical repairs if there is a fault you need to be fixed.
  • Emergency repairs and callouts; if there is an urgent fault, where there is a risk to you, the safety of people or property we will respond quickly.
  • Upgrading electrical fittings and wiring in your home, particularly if you have an older property

At Otago Electrical Services, we have extensive experience in domestic electrician services for all residential electrical jobs and projects. This includes specialist tasks such as domestic electrical installation, security system installation, home automation systems, and electric vehicle charging stations.

Our electricians are qualified, experienced, and friendly. Plus we are professional, respecting your home and family at all times. We are also reliable, punctual, and we clean up as we go.

To book a callout, to get a quote, or to speak to one of our domestic electrical companies in Otago, call us on 027 441 4030.

Home Rewiring and Electrical Services Otago

If you have an older home, it is likely the wiring could benefit from an upgrade. This will make the installation safer as it will bring the wiring up to a modern safety standard. Upgrading will make your home more suitable to the modern, always-connected lifestyles that we now lead.

At Otago Electrical Services, our house wiring electrician has extensive experience providing home rewiring services to homeowners, landlords, and others in Central Otago & The Southern Lakes, and the surrounding area. We use high-quality materials, our domestic electrical contractors will carefully plan the job, and we’ll complete the project to the highest possible standard. Call today on 027 441 4030 to get a home rewiring quote.

Domestic Energy Saving Tips

Paying electricity bills is never fun. There are some simple things that you can do, however, that will reduce your energy bills which also helps protect the environment.

Here are 10 energy-saving tips from our team:

  1. Turn your heating off when you don’t need it – rather than leaving them on when no one is there, this includes your heat pump.
  2. Set your heating thermostats – to around 18 to 20˚C.
  3. Pull curtains as soon as the sun goes down, Close doors that don’t need to be open. Use draft stoppers for under doors, preventing close air entering.
  4. If you have a heat Pump clean the filters regularly, this will make the heat pump work much more efficiently
  5. Turn off lights and appliances when not using them.
  6. Replace old light fittings with modern good quality LED’s.
  7. Shorten your shower time saving hot water.
  8. Run appliances on “eco” mode where available.
  9. If upgrading appliances check Energy rating for most power-efficient appliances.
  10. Ventilate your home well, the more moisture that’s in the air, the more expensive it is to heat your home. This means that one of the best ways to heat your home more efficiently over winter is to keep your home dry.
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