EV Charging Stations Otago NZ

Are you looking for an installer of EV charging stations in Central Otago & The Southern Lakes? This is becoming more common in the electrical industry and is one where we have already gained significant experience. At Otago Electrical Services, we have experience in EV charger Installation for homes, businesses, and Local Councils.

The number of electric vehicles on New Zealand’s roads is increasing and this trend is set to continue as the technology improves and as the Government legislates to promote the use of more environmentally friendly sources of energy.

At Otago Electrical Services, we are doing our bit to up to date with the latest technologies both in charging stations and in electric vehicles. This enables us to provide industry-leading services so you can get an electric vehicle charging station installed wherever you need it. Please call today on 027 451 0197 to find out more and to get a quote.

Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations Otago

EV Charging Stations

The most current technology available in New Zealand.

The EV charging stations we install are reliable, manufactured by leading suppliers with excellent after-sales support. Our team keeps up to date with the latest technologies both in charging stations and in electric vehicles to future-proof your system needs. This technology is advancing, they now have a more modern and sleek appearance, so they are not an eye saw.

Our preferred manufacture is ‘Schneider Electric’ EV link charging stations.




To discuss your requirements for an EV charging station in Otago, and to get a quote, please call us today on 027 451 0197.

Expert Installation

WorkSafe New Zealand has charging safety guidelines that we follow and adhere to for all installations. This ensures safe design specification, supply, installation, and operation of the EV charging system.

Our electric vehicle charger installation includes a ‘’Type B” RCD safety device and 2 Pole MCB protective device.

EV charging stations are different from other electrical items used in your home or business, because they apply a higher load over a longer time than other electrical equipment. This can have a negative impact if not properly installed by an experienced and qualified electrician.

As a result, you need to hire an expert installer with practical experience for the installation of your EV charging stations. Call us today on 027 451 0197 to get a quote.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Locations

  • Home – get a charging station installed in your home
  • Staff carparks – make it easier for your staff to switch to electric vehicles by installing charging stations in staff carparks
  • Customer carparks – enhance the service you offer to customers with electric vehicle charging stations installed in customer carparks
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