Electrical Circuit Wiring Otago NZ

The electrical infrastructure and layout in a commercial or residential building must be properly designed and planned to ensure it meets New Zealand’s electrical regulations, requirements, and needs of the owner. At Otago Electrical Services, we offer comprehensive electrical design and build services.

It is very frustrating to discover at the end of a new build project that the completed house doesn’t have sufficient socket outlets or lighting, or that they are not in the right place. These things can be corrected retrospectively, but that costs money and time. As a result, it is much better to get it right at the beginning.

Our new build electrical contractors in Wanaka and Alexandra have many years of experience installing and providing suitable solutions for the ideal functionality required for homes and offices. We can provide sound advice and options to suit wants versus budget as required.

Engaging our team to assist the design phase of your project; eases the pressure as we can offer advice on layout, design, and costs, as well as providing additional ideas on everything from new technologies to automation solutions.

To find out more or to get a quote for electrical design and build services in Central Otago & The Southern Lakes, please call our new build electrician today on 027 441 4030.

Specialists for Electrical Circuit Design in Otago

Lighting Design and Installation

Lighting is an essential part of any room in any location. This applies whether it is a commercial, residential, or Industrial building internal and externally.

The environment may require productivity for staff, ambiance, and setting the right mood for comfort, or creating an inviting image for customers.

Lighting layouts in homes are important to ensure rooms are bright, warm, welcoming, and comfortable to be in. Fittings also need to be attractive and functional so they can be easily controlled to set the mood for space.

At Otago Electrical Services, we have the expertise you need to get perfect lighting in your property. Call us today on 027 441 4030 to speak to a member of our team.

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